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World Of Tanks Betting Overview

World of Tanks is one of the main eSports games offered across different online gambling platform. It’s a team-based multiplayer game that’s dedicated to armoured warfare of the 20th century, and gives you a chance of becoming a real tank commander and taking part in furious armoured offensive! World Of Tanks as an esport has been attracting a lot of attention as the game is played by millions. World Of Tanks betting is also slowly being integrated as the major betting sites start to get further involved.

World Of Tanks Betting Sites

  1. betway
  2. Bet365
  3. skybet
  4. Ladbrokes
  5. egb

All of these betting websites give you nice bonuses for first time deposits. They also offer a variety of matches and tournaments to bet on, according to what is going on at the moment in the World Of Tanks betting scene.

How it is played?

WoT is a game based primarily around tanks of different classes from different nations. You’ll start the tank career by choosing five basic tanks from five different countries – China, Great Britain, France, U.S.S.R and the U.S.A.

Each of these tanks is categorised either as a light, medium, heavy, destroyer or artillery and all have different roles to play during the game depending on their class. They are further classified into different tiers, and each of the tanks combat strength increases from tier to tier.

The Combat Strength

This is the most important part of the game as it determines your tanks combat strength. How strong your tank portrays itself at the battlefield is determined by its speed, armour and armament. By upgrading your tanks ventilation, gun laying drive, shell rammer and consumables such as fire extinguisher, repair kit and first aid kit, you’ll not only increase its fighting capacity but also increase your chance of survival when at war!

The Crew

All the tanks are manned by a crew, which comprises of a Commander, a Gunner, a Loader, a Radio Operator and a Driver. You can easily improve your crew’s training level as well as learn new skills by participating in more battles.

Other important areas that you need to understand before starting to play this game include the battles, the maintenance of the tanks, and how to manage your finances when playing the game. Once you are well informed in the sections mentioned above, you can proceed to play the game.

How to play World of Tanks (200 words)

As already mentioned, WoT gives you the opportunity of commanding some of the world’s powerful tanks while experiencing the intensity of tank combat on console or PC like never before. The first thing before you start playing WoT is to create an account. You can easily do this by visiting any of the WoT servers and claim a sign up bonus.

Main game modes played

WoT has one main game mode in which two teams go head to head with the main objective of taking out the opponent’s tanks. You can do this by shelling the enemy’s tanks or win the match by capturing an enemy’s base, which is usually a tactic used by underdogs to win.

However, there are random battles of 15v15 players and usually, has three slightly different variations of base placement. These include the following:

  • The training battle mode: Just as the name suggests, the training battle mode allows you to invite your friends to train and sharpen your skills before going into the real battle. This mode does not have a provision for choosing maps, rewards and combats.
  • The random battle mode: You’ll be playing against 29 random people on a random map, and you can enter it with your customised platoon comprising of three people
  • Historical battle mode: It’s similar to the random battle mode, but the map, tanks and the equipment in this mode are restricted to match certain historical battles
  • Tank company battle: It’s a complicated battle mode which allows you to play with 15 players and select tanks according to your vehicle tier. You can easily create your own tank company or join an existing one
  • Team battle mode: it’s much similar to the team company battle mode, but the number of team members that you can choose is limited to 7
  • Special battles/Clan Wars: This is a browser based multiplayer military and geopolitical section of the WoT game. In this game module, there’s a map with all the regions that are readily available to be conquered

To access any of the mentioned game modes, simply click on the Battle! menu in the game’s main menu.

Main Tournaments

Since WoT isn’t as popular as other eSports games such as DOTA or LoL, the number of competitive tournaments featuring WoT professional players aren’t many. However, the few available tournaments have lucrative prizes, sometimes paying out as much as €10 million per competition. The main WoT tournaments include World Cyber Arena and the Wargaming.Net League.

World Cyber Arena – Launched in 2000 as World Cyber Games, WCA is returning for the 17th consecutive time this year, with better prize pools and more competitors. When the competition was first launched the main focus was to offer eSports games such as FIFA, Counterstrike and Starcraft. However, with the ever-increasing popularity of eSports online, the company behind organising all the events has decided to include all the major eSports games including World of Tanks.

Wargaming.Net League – Is the other major tournament offering WoT as a competitive game. It’s currently on its second season with all its matches being aired every Thursday and Sunday. In this competition, teams earn their points throughout the season with the best team in each region qualifying directly to its grand finals in 2017 alongside the winner of the Champion Rumble.

Betting Options

Given the nature of the game’s structure, WoT betting is no different to the popular team-based sports betting. One team will be playing against the other in a win-draw-lose scenario, a factor which dictates the betting to work in the same way. Basically, there are two main types of markets to bet on, and they include the following:

The win market – You are basically betting on the outcome of the match between the two teams. Each team will have odds, which reflect the supposed strength of the team based on how they’ve been performing in the past.

Map betting – Since World of Tanks is made up of different maps, different bookies have different Map betting markets. Examples include the map handicap where the bookies give one team an advantage over the other and the individual battle betting where you bet on who will win an individual map.

Future betting – Unlike the match result bet where you bet on the outcome of the match, future bets allow you to win the WoT tournament. Examples of future bets include ‘Who will win outright’; ‘Who will reach final’ or ‘Region of Winner’ bets.

Other markets that you can choose from include the kill markets, player match ups market, and the over/under markets.


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