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CS:GO Features

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CS:GO Basics

  • Game Type : FPS
  • Software : Valve Corporation

CSGO Betting Overview

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (or CS:GO) is a popular electronic sport with a lot of history behind it. It is a multiplayer first-person shooter created by Hidden Path Entertainment in association with the company which owns the Steam platform, namely Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the Counter-Strike franchise and was released in August 2012. Since then, CS:GO has sold more than 25 million copies and has become one of the most successful electronic sports in the world.

Like other successful eSports, CS:GO has modeled itself on real sports like Football and Basketball. It has professional teams, coaches, commentators, tournaments that are played in huge arenas in front of tens of thousands of people and are streamed live to many others, with prize pools of hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars.

Having an appealing and easy to understand gameplay, CS:GO attracts large numbers of people, who enjoy watching professional tournaments and cheering for their favorite team. For example, ESL One Cologne 2015 had over 27 million unique viewers on Twitch, while its 2016 edition had over 31 million.

Over the years, CS:GO has proven its value as an eSport and so the game is definitely here to stay for a long time to come.

CSGO betting sites:

  1. betway.com
  2. bet365.com
  3. williamhill.com
  4. pinnaclesports.com
  5. unibet.com

All of these betting websites give you nice bonuses for first time deposits. They also offer a variety of matches and tournaments to bet on, according to what is going on at the moment on the professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene.

How it is played?

CS:GO is a multiplayer first-person shooter played in a 5 vs 5 format. Two teams, the Terrorists and Counter Terrorists, face each other on a given map over a series of 16 (minimum) to 30 rounds (plus additional rounds if the score is tied at the end). One round lasts for 130 seconds (at most).

At the beginning of each round the two teams spawn in separate and predetermined map locations. Their players are locked in place for 15 seconds. During this time they can buy weapons and equipment using the money they have. The Terrorists receive a bomb which they need to plant in one of two areas (A and B), and then prevent the Counter Terrorists from diffusing it. If they succeed, they win the round. Another way for them to win a round is to kill the entire enemy team.

Players receive money every time they make a kill. They also receive a good amount of money if their team wins the round. If they lose however, their reward will be small, which may force them to either buy poor weapons in the next round, or simply play with pistols (which they receive by default at the start of each round).

After the first 15 rounds, the two teams swap sides: Terrorists become Counter Terrorists and vice versa. The team that accumulates 16 round victories wins the game.


Multiplayer first-person shooters have a great deal in common, but they also have their differences. Here are a few characteristics which make CS:GO different from other games in its genre.

  1. Health and armor (Kevlar vest + Helmet) do not regenerate and cannot be buffed beyond 100%. If you take damage during a round, you cannot heal that damage until that round is over.
  2. Players do not respawn within the same round. If they die, they stay dead until the round is over and cannot influence its outcome in any way.
  3. Players do not have classes within a team and aren’t constrained by any kind of class characteristics when using weapons in the game. The only constraint is team based and consists in not being able to buy certain weapons as a terrorist or counter terrorist. However, players can still use those weapons if they pick them up from the ground.

Current Tournaments:

Here is a list of CS:GO tournaments that are taking place at the moment or are about to start within a few weeks:

  1. Star Ladder i-League StarSeries Season 3 Finals.

This is a big tournament with a total prize pool of $300.000. The winner will take home $125.000. Most of the top teams will be present at this competition: Astralis, Virtus.pro, Faze, NiP, Natus Vincere, North, Gambit, SK, fnatic and so on.

  1. cs_summit 2017.

This is another big tournament with a total prize pool of $150.000. Eight teams will participate in it: NiP, OpTic, SK, Liquid, GODSENT, EnVyUs, Gambit and Cloud9.

  1. Copenhagen Games 2017.

The format of this competition and the participating teams are yet to be announced. The only thing known so far is the total prize pool: $54.000.

  1. DreamHack Open Austin 2017.

This tournament will take place at the end of April and will bring together eight teams: HellRaisers, Immortals, Liquid, G2, Heroic, Cloud9, Gambit and Luminosity. Its total prize pool is $100.000.

  1. ESL Pro League Season 5.

This will be a huge tournament with a total prize pool of $750.000. The qualifications for it are taking place right now.

  1. Esports Championship Series Season 3.

The details for this tournament are yet to be announced. What is known however is that the top teams will be participating in it, which means it’s going to be an important competition.

Factors for gambling success

Becoming a successful CS:GO bettor requires you to:

  1. Get a good understanding of the game itself.

This is mostly done by playing it. If you have an interest in the game and play it regularly, over a certain period of time you develop a solid knowledge base which you can then employ to make sense of what you are seeing when watching professional competitions.

  1. Become familiar with the professional CS:GO scene.

Try to follow the big tournaments and assess the current form of each team. Study the players who belong to a team and become knowledgeable about their level of skill. This kind of information will serve you well when trying to figure out who’s chances of winning are higher in a given match or tournament. Without it you will need to rely too much on luck.

Gambling Types Available

Betting on CS:GO is similar to betting on any other sport. It requires real money and can done on websites like betway.com or bet365.com. You bet on the result of a match or an entire tournament, and if you win you get a certain amount of money back, relative to how much you betted and the odds associated to the team you betted on.

Betting websites usually offer a variety of bets on which you can put your money, and cover all of the important tournaments. So, if you think you’re knowledgeable enough about the game and the teams involved in a particular event, you can certainly try to make good money off of this knowledge.

Up until recently, gambling on CS:GO was also possible using in-game skins. But the websites which offered such services became illegal after the enormous scandal of 2016.

How to get a gambling edge

If you want to get a gambling edge when betting on CS:GO matches and tournaments you can do one or more of the following things:

  1. Do a research on the results of past encounters between the two teams playing in the match you are about to bet on. I many cases, this will give you a pretty good idea about who has a better chance of winning.
  2. Gather statistics for every one of the best 50-100 teams, and then for all the players in those teams. Find out win rates, recent tournament results and various player statistics such as kill/death ratio, accuracy, headshot percentage, damage done per round etc.
  3. Study the details of a tournament and the teams who participate in it. Maybe one or more of those teams are playing with a substitute player or have a stand-in. Maybe they’re playing in front of their home crowd. Or maybe they’ve had something bad happen to them recently. Such things can significantly influence the result of a match and knowing about them gives you an edge.

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