Esports betting is growing at a phenominal rate, and like the Esports industry in general will continue to do so! Gone are the days of a few friends wagering amongst themselves via obscure forums. Now you can place bets on all your favourite games through various dedicated sites, as well as major betting providers, such as Betway and WilliamHill, with the total bets set to hit billions very soon.

With players from around the world and the total esports betting amounts set to hit billions, now really is the time to start betting. Esports is mainstream and it won’t be long before a twitch stream is the next sports stadium!

As with all new areas in betting there is confusion around how things work (and unlike sports betting you cannot ask a friend for help with esports betting… yet!) Our team at EsportsBetting365 is here to help and have composed a FAQ for the most common queries. For more information on esports betting providers, esports tournaments, esports games and esports news please visit our other sections, for any other questions please contact us.


First things first…

How old do I have to be to bet on Esports?

Once again depending on your country this could vary greatly as esports betting may not be considered as gambling. Our advice is to stick to the gambling age that is set in your country.

What to look for in esports betting book?

When deciding which esports betting provider to use amongst the many, it can be a tricky process, our best advice is to ask yourself the following questions and see if your potential site meets them:

  • Is the site trustworthy?
  • Is the site user friendly?
  • How do the promotions compare to other sites?
  • What esports games can you bet on?
  • What are the odds like compared to other esports betting books?

Is the site trustworthy?

Ensuring that the site you are entrusting your hard-earned money with can be trusted, is easily the most important thing to look out for. Depending on where you are located, esports betting providers may not have to have a license and if they are unregulated or unregulated, this means there is nothing stopping them from withholding your money if they choose to. Most unlicensed esports betting providers can be trusted, and we review all our providers to make sure that they are trustworthy. Testing for trustworthiness involves:

  • Checking for a license – If the betting provider is licensed, they will display it on their site. Do some research or contact us to find out if there have been any issues involving the licensing jurisdiction.
  • Find out what people are saying – Look online to see if anyone has encountered issues with the betting provider, small issues are likely to be encountered by a few people, but be sure that you’re not partnering with a site that has a less than positive reputation amongst punters.
  • First Hand Testing – If we haven’t tested and reviewed the sports book than you should be cautious and start off your betting small to see if you encounter any issues with deposits or anything else that raises your eyebrow.

Most importantly remember that if you don’t feel comfortable with a sports book than you should move on. There are hundreds out there that are all competing for your custom, make them work for it!

Is the site user friendly?

Different sites have different layouts and ways to play certain games. You don’t want to be committed to a sports book only to realize that it is tiresome trying to play your favourite game. Make sure when selecting a esportsbook they have a user design that is appealing to you and will encourage you to stick around.

How do the promotions compare to other sites?

Promotions are a key part of any online betting experience and drawing you in with enticing offers and promotions is one of the key elements an esports sportsbook must deliver. Promotions are often more tailored towards drawing in new players, and you should carefully read our simplified guide on the T&C’s of major esports betting providers. Reading this guide will ensure you don’t claim a bonus and then realize you cannot cash out until a certain number of bets have been placed.

The best promotions can be found here, but generally they involve:

  • Free bets*
  • VIP Programs
  • Cashback Programs
  • Deposit Bonuses

What esports games can you bet on?

Not all esportsbooks were created equal, with the available bets limited depending on the sportsbook. Betting on the outcome of an esports match is the most popular form and is offered by pretty much every provider. Aside from that, betting “in play” is offered by some sportsbook such as the dedicated esports betting books UniKrn and Pinnacle. “In play” betting involves taking bets while the match is going on and allowing players to bet on real time events within the match.

Ensure that the esportsbook of your choosing also covers the events and games you want. Betting providers are constantly increasing their coverage with the best so far being Bet365 and Betway. Check out our table for updated information on what providers offer.

What are the odds like compared to other esports betting books?

To ensure you are getting the best odds on your bets, it is always best to look around at a few providers such as the top esportsbooks to ensure you are getting the best deal. With the rapidly changing odds and markets we try and find the best odds and display them at our odds checker.

What does the law say about esports betting?

The laws around esports betting vary depending on your country. In our experience, you should assume that the same laws for sports betting apply to esports betting. For example, esports betting is subject to the same laws in the UK as regular sports betting.

Esports regulation

While esports has been around for a while now, it has only been recently that is garnered enough interest to warrant a central regulatory body. There are many leagues that cooperate amongst each other but ultimately no central governing body like FIFA. Eventually a proper esports regulatory body will be brought in, in what form and whether it will be segmented by the main games, remains to be seen.

Esports betting operator’s regulation

Esports betting operators must comply with the laws of where they are based and so all the UK operators such as NetBet and Betway will comply with the strict laws that apply to the UK operators.